Human Souls are Light Identical to Quanta

Some Souls are More Quantum than the Others

Jason Blackwell / Stella Heart

Because of the true love he found, author Jason Silas Blackwell professed the reasons why and how the deepest emblem of love is instituted in the soul. A valuable study comparing a human soul with the particles of light instigated from Blackwell’s complex description of love. We define light as energy and we describe energy as light through the nature of its interacting bodies- the photons and the electrons. Though the observation of light are conducted through matter, the particles being attempted to look upon are non-matter. If it’s the only resource to understand Quantum Mechanics, the God of the universe in the same manner looks upon the light in every human soul. Thus, the only way we can fathom the nature we have as a soul if we believe it as light, is to go over the nature of quanta, that souls are in the same way, made up of quantum energy as well as obeying the laws it observes. The book, Our Lives Are Connected, records a complete list of reasons how every soul is similar to the characteristics of light. Here are only a few:

Properties. Aristotle argued, “… A living organism consists of a body with the property of light, which is its soul.” From Einstein’s E=hv, what keeps the energy intact is not the intensity of light due to the number of photons kept but contrarily by the number of photons emitted. A German physicist Max Planck exhibited why energy is fixed as it does not grow or diminish. The “river of light” must have come in packets of energy, called “quanta”. Our soul, in the same way, contains packets of information such as our autobiographical memories and life experiences that build up our entire personality. Gilbert Newton Lewis termed quanta particles as “photons”. A single photon is an electromagnetic wave carrying one quantum of energy. It consists of information applied for quantum computers in the form of qubits: the 0 and 1.

Gilbert Newton Lewis (1941)

Transformation. A “soul and spirit” is a single entity, the same way as light being both the wave and particle. Not only is light characterized as a unique wave and as a unique particle, but light is also assessed through its action, which is by its momentum in probability. Similarly, a soul possesses many divine possibilities, regardless of the physical restraint and environmental distractions. The nature of soul represents the composition of light described in three words: Measurement, Information, and Transformation. If the soul is the personality of a person, the spirit is information enshrouding the soul, just as the photon contains bits of information. Based on the principle of photoelectricity, human souls are energy which light must achieve a certain threshold of frequency in order to attain personal transformation. Transformation is the mechanism, if some of the microscopic system in Classical Physics can be optimized in quantum simulation.

Coherence. If a chatter asks you, “Are you single?”, in Quantum Mechanics, regardless of whether you are married or taken, your status will remain single unless your light undergoes “splitting”. QM is highly counterintuitive. How would a “splitting” consider you as “married”? The purpose of this splitting is coherence and not scattering. A light is just an ordinary light until it becomes qualified for quantum techniques. It is ordinary because it is scattered, thus it lacks coherence. Coherence requires that light is not a single electromagnetic entity but at least two. The wave of light (from the laser beam) would split when passing through the narrow dual slit then it would intercept. This is shown in the famous Double Slit Theory by Thomas Young. Why is it seem impossible for a lot of people to find their other half? A soul is not alone in this life because it is connected to its source and to its pair. Blackwell wrote that to better understand the nature of light is to recognize it as a dual nature. Hence, by illustration, the nature of twin souls and soul mates. The next articles will simplify the duality of light as its very nature by comparing it with a soul mate love- the twin souls. The subject of splitting and duality conceive a lot of things to know concerning the characteristics of light. The illustration will begin with the splitting of Adam and Eve. So, why are some souls more quantum than the most? It is a matter of finding one’s self.

Jason Blackwell and Stella Heart, are couples who continue to probe the Schrodinger's Cat in their twin soul affair.